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Striking Software Forum Rules and Regulations Registration Agreement
Forum Registration

When you sign up to this forum you must agree to a set of rules that will be enforced. Please read that agreement carefully before continuing. A copy of that agreement is located in the next post below. Forum registration is currently required to post to these forums, however guests can read and search the forums for information. If you are in Guest mode, you will see a Register icon near the top of this page -it only takes a minute. A valid e-mail address is required for registration.

Forum Posting Requirements

Posts must remain cordial and on-topic. Posts may be edited or removed if they are inflammatory, abusive, off-topic, incomplete, or for any other reason that the Striking Software Team sees as necessary. Name calling, belittling, or attacking other forum members will not be tolerated and may result in your account being deactivated. Threads discussing products other than Striking Software products may be removed at our discretion should we find them to be blatant or clandestine advertising attempts. This forum supports discussions however we will not tolerate spam and cleverly disguised attempts to advertise payware or other products. We reserve the right to remove anything that we find an infraction on our policies.

Search Function

Do not start a new topic without making use of the search function as a relevant topic may already exist.

Administrative Assistance

If you require administrative assistance, please PM (Private Message) one of the forum administrators or global moderators. Do not make public posts regarding items relating to abuse from another member, discussion of software piracy or other copyright issues, or any other issues that would require direct attention by our admin staff.

On behalf of the Striking Software team thank you for visiting us and we hope you enjoy your stay.