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Author Topic: Fly Tampa Owners - Handy Tip To Improve Waterclass With Vol 5  (Read 3916 times)
Paul Wheeler
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« on: March 27, 2010, 04:12:25 PM »

Hi guys,

For all you Fly Tampa owners there is one more thing you can do to improve the look of Volume 5. Fly Tampa includes its own waterclass which takes over outside of the photoscenery covered area. However, IMO it is not as detailed as the waterclass I've created with volume 5, especially in the area around Anguilla. However, since the Fly Tampa scenery layer is higher than the the PWS V5 layer, its waterclass takes priority.

Here is a simple method to get the PWS V5 water class to show instead of the Fly Tampa waterclass

(its completely reversable and won't harm Fly Tampa at all).

In Explorer go to "Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\"

Create a new folder called "PWSV5 waterclass"

Create a folder within that folder called "scenery"

Go to "Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\PWS Vol 5\scenery".

Copy the file "VOL5_WaterClass.bgl" and paste it into the scenery folder you created: "Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\PWSV5 waterclass\scenery".

Run FSX.

Go to the scenery library and click on "Add Area".

Within the "Addon Scenery" folder select the "PWSV5 waterclass" folder and click OK

Make sure this new layer is higher than the Fly Tampa layer and then load a flight. You should now see the PWS V5 waterclass instead of the Fly Tampa waterclass


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